About Our Platform

Our vendor angnostic platform comes with integrated visual and analytical modules based on proprietary computational algorithms. Our modules deliver seamless monitoring and highly effective tools for conducting site specific operations and maintenance (O&M). We are built future-proof and ensure least data loss happens at each node in our platform.

  • Graphical Representation
  • API’s for easy integration with any application
  • Scheduling & Reports
  • Rule based SMS & Alerts
  • Email Notification

Main Features

Product Highlights

  • Monitor, track and control systems performance
  • Maximize yield by early detection of problem or under performing assets
  • Actual vs Theoretical Comparison will detect any anomalies in early stage
  • No data loss even at remote location with poor connectivity


  • Reduced downtime
    Real time fault analysis and detection
  • Forecast Generation
    Using site sensors and weather data to forecast generation
  • Predictive Analysis
    Historical data used to create performance benchmarks
  • Maximised revenue
    Lower O&M overheads by efficient management of sites