Enerlytics Portal

Dashboard Features

  • Configuration of each and every parameter to be displayed on dashboard
  • Fixed Site parameters, Dynamic values, dynamic widgets, performance KPIs, Weather integration, irradiance data

Centralized Site Management

  • Real time management of geographically distributed solar plants through a common portal
  • End to end data management with data coming from multiple devices

Interactive Energy Graphs

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Till date
  • Multiple types – Line, Bar & for multiple parameters – Energy, PR and revenue comparison
  • Historical data analysis & future trends will help for business forecast

Vendor Agnostic

  • Compatible with most manufacturers of string combiner box (SCBs), inverters, smart meters, protection devices and weather stations (solar irradiation, temperature, wind and rain)

Component View Section

  • Individual string level and inverter level monitoring
  • Minimization of downtime and under-performance along with maximization of efficiency and yield
  • Calculate actual energy generated from the grid side smart meter and actual revenue calculated based on that value

Site User

  • This login will be provided to the end user or third party personnel such as cleaning agency or electrical agency for a specific site
  • Will be able to monitor only features for the site for which access is granted
  • Won’t have access to create new users or change any configuration such as dashboard configuration, alarm management (create a new alarm) and device management

Site Admin

  • This login will be provided to the operations manager of the company for a specific site or specific geography (west zone, east zone, etc.)
  • Site specific details such as KPI’s, charts and energy graphs for individual site
  • Real-time and historical value of each and every parameter captured by the site devices
  • Alarm management to create new alarms and view manufacturers alarms
  • Report generation for complete site or individual parameters

Client Admin

  • This login will be provided to the executive team of the company
  • Global dashboard access will be provided with accumulated values from all sites in operation
  • Focus more on financial parameters such as ROI and total revenue earned
  • Critical alarms and scheduled maintenance for any site can be viewed
  • High level reports can also be downloaded


  • Automatically generate daily reports to any defined user
  • Reporting can be done via email and SMS
  • Different types of report: Site Report, Individual Parameter Report, Comparison Report (Across Multiple Sites) and Alarm Reports

Alarms & Notification

  • Real time feeds will display failures or alarms on site
  • Upon detecting problem, rules-based engine such as SMS and email can be configured to the concerned person
  • In depth report on historical alarm can help detect a pattern and take corrective measures (preventive maintenance)