The Best of Data Visualization

What it can do for a business?

David McCandless, the British Data journalist says, “By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map”.

Data Visualization is the pictorial or graphical representation of a dataset that helps decision makers decode the patterns contained in the raw data through the visual objects. Data Visualization has a huge variety of applications. It is used by different industries and entities for making sense of data and presenting it in an engaging and comprehensible manner. It is expected that data visualization market will reach USD 6.99 billion by 2022 with the current CAGR of 9.21%. A key driver behind this growth is the ease with which managers can take decisions based on data using visualization tools.

Several applications or tools can be used for data visualization for organizations and individuals including those simple software tools that are available free and those highly sophisticated and come at a decent price. Zoho Reports, Qlik Sense Desktop, VIDI, Google Fusion, and Microsoft BI are some of the free tools available while paid tools include Data Wrapper, Fusion Charts, Tableau, and Microsoft Excel. While most of these tools provide basic functionalities of visualization, some of the applications provide interactive graphics that can reinforce human cognition. Here are some visualizations that have been made using rich graphics and advanced data analytics capabilities for different industries like Tech, Media, food and transportation to name a few.

Tech Industry

The use of visualization is very common in IT industry and it is used often to understand the target market from their behaviour patterns displayed online. An example of the same is Google Analytics 360 which is used many IT companies including Agilent technologies that offered laboratory instruments and equipment’s for scientific investigations. The company had goals to expand their experiences in analytics and help teams be more productive with shared insights about the market. Installation of Google Analytics 360 degree helped company optimize its marketing efforts and increase the application of its insights by 400%. As a result, the Total Cost of Ownership of the firm was reduced significantly.

Besides Agilent technologies, Google 360 visualization tool has been used by other organizations as well such as Genesys for reporting, GoPro for tagging, Lenovo for marketing effectiveness, Marketo for personalized marketing, and Panasonic for advertising effectiveness.

Typically, Google Analytics would give insights on popular marketing channels, acquisition rates, consumer behaviour patterns, and conversion efficiencies. Real time data can be retrieved by managers using the application such that faster decisions can be taken to bring improvements.